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Aguero: I haven't contacted Tevez for a long time. Chinese fans are very enthusiastic.

When it came to Aguero, the Premier League season ended, and the atmosphere in the building where the Manchester City Academy players were located suddenly relaxed. Sane took a hat and jumped the rope at the door to show flexibility; Debrune and Sterling chatted on the sofa in the corner; Kompany and the staff walked and talked ...

Aguero returned to the building after meeting some young players from the training ground. He was wearing Manchester City's uniform. When I shook hands with him, he had to learn "hello" Chinese. In the second round of the season, Manchester City defeated Watford 5-0 away, he alone won two yuan, helping Manchester City to lock in third place. This is his sixth season with Manchester City. For him who has helped the team win twice in the Premier League, such a record is obviously not satisfactory.

"I think this season is good. I am also in good shape, I did miss some games, otherwise I can help the team score more goals, but overall, this season is quite positive."

It is said that he has been in the UK for 6 years, and he should have no problem with English. He is often watched on television to answer questions in English, but the club still assigned him an interpreter. I asked the question in English, he could understand it without a translation, and then answered in Spanish, and the translation translated it into English for us.

Due to the emergence of Jessus, his starting position for this season was at stake, but then the Brazilian teenager was injured and his position was restored. He participated in 45 games throughout the season and scored 33 goals, including 20 Premier League goals. In the third consecutive season, he has scored 20 goals in the league.

"We haven't won any outstanding trophies, it must be a bit disappointing for the club, because winning the best is always our goal. But we won the third place, took the place to participate in the Champions League, and it is our goal . "

Since publishing the famous selfie on social media in 2015, for Chinese fans, Aguero has become one of the familiar faces in world football, and maybe only Messi and C Luo can match him. However, the impression he left on Chinese fans was still at the Beijing Olympics. At that time, the Argentina team he formed with Messi, Riquelme, Di Maria and former Manchester City teammate Zambrotta won the quality of men's football . In the semi-final victory over Brazil 3-0, Aguero scored two goals and also created a penalty.

He still remembers the passionate summer of Beijing.

"We have won high quality, and we will always remember that moment, it was a unique experience, because I will never be able to participate in the Olympics again. Each of us remembers the Chinese friendship, and they are really very good to us."

Then he sighed, "We were all young then."

In 2008, he was only 20 years old, but he already showed off his superstar appearance in the La Liga field. In the 2007-08 season, he scored 19 goals in the league for Atletico Madrid, ranking third in the La Liga scorer list. In 2011, he joined Manchester City with a transfer fee of 38 million pounds. In the past six seasons, he has played 253 games and scored 169 goals, becoming one of Manchester City's great goalscorers in history.

Aguero's contract with Manchester City expires in 2020, and rumors of his transfer this season were heated. In March, he repeatedly asked the club to give him a statement on the contract. Being repeatedly asked whether Aguero has renewed his contract, coach Guardiola even lost his temper with reporters.

"Are you sure you are still in Manchester City next season?" I asked.

He said: "My contract with Manchester City has two years to expire and I am very happy here. I hope to complete my contract at Manchester City. I have not considered where to play in the future and now I just want to focus on the Manchester City jobs."

As the Chinese Football Association has just introduced a new policy for transfers, it has become difficult for players like Aguero to go to the Chinese Super League. Asked if he had a connection with former Manchester City and Argentine teammate Tevez, he said: "He hasn't been in contact since leaving Manchester City, but I hope he is all right."

Last year, Aguero and Manchester City returned to China. They had hoped to play an overseas Derby in the Bird's Nest with Manchester United, but the match was cancelled due to venue reasons. Speaking of his trip to China last year, he said: "I am very happy to return to China. I have seen a lot of crazy fans. The Chinese people are as good to us as before. I feel their passion for football. This is also the development of Chinese football The reason so fast. "

He then asked about the possibility of Messi meeting with him in Manchester City, saying: "No team in the world does not want Messi to join, but I think Messi will stay in Barcelona until his contract expires because He grew up in Barcelona, where he also became one of the best players in the world. "

It sounds like a mess, because Messi, like him, is discussing renewal with the club, and Messi's contract expires next summer.

Argentina ranked fifth in the South American qualifiers of the World Cup, and the way to qualify was not smooth. Asked his country team about the possibility of winning the World Cup in Russia next year, he answered patiently, but suddenly remembered what, stopped talking to the translator A few words. The translator immediately told us: "According to the contract, he cannot talk about the national team."

I came back to ask my Spanish-speaking colleague, and he said at the time: "We haven't finished the qualifier, but as long as we participate in the World Cup, we want to go further ..."

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