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Shenhua prepares for the FA Cup and the Warring States Period starts Guarin Moreno contract extension negotiations

Starting this week, Shenhua will officially launch renewal negotiations with Guarin and Moreno. The contract between Greenland Shenhua Club and Guarin expires at the end of this year, and the contract with Moreno is until July 2018.

Recently, there has been a lot of news about Guarin. First, media reports said that clubs including La Liga and the Russian Premier League had already started contact with Guarin. In particular, the Russian super-powerful Zenit St. Petersburg has reached an agreement with Guarin, and they are even willing to bid 6.5 million euros this summer to dig out Guarin from Shenhua in advance. Last week, the Italian media "The Whole Market" reported that in order to retain the team's midfield core Guarin, Shenhua Club has prepared a two-year, 20 million euros super contract.

Prior to this, Shenhua did communicate intentionally with Guarin on the issue of contract renewal, but did not initiate formal negotiations. Last week, Guarin's agent team flew to Shanghai and watched Shenhua's match with Chongqing Lifan. Beginning today, the two sides will formally sit down and discuss the issue of contract renewal.

Therefore, the foreign media reported that the reported 20 million euro contract was completely ineffective. Greenland Shenhua Club said: "With regard to the renewal of Gualin and Moreno, the club has started the renewal negotiations between the two, and the agent has also Has arrived in Shanghai. But so far, no specific amount and annual salary have been involved, so the recent foreign media's news about Gua Lin's annual salary contract is not true. Please don't misrepresent. The club's negotiations on renewal will be based on the ball. The strength and needs of the team will be considered, and the principle of respecting and supporting the new policy of the Football Association will also be respected. "

The club is actively negotiating contract extensions with foreign aid. The team is also very hard this week, facing the three games of the league and the FA Cup. After finishing the match with Chongqing Lifan on June 17, Shen Hua kept on preparing for the FA Cup match with Guoan on the 21st. At present, the Shenhua League has a poor record and has not won in six rounds. The gap with the top three points in the league is relatively large. The FA Cup may already be the team's opportunity to fight for the AFC Champions League qualification next season, so the importance of this game is not significant. Metaphorically. On June 24th, Shenhua battled away again against Yanbian Fude.

Considering that the schedule is dense, and there are few direct flights and the time is awkward, the club has decided to charter to Yanbian. On the morning of June 23, the team divided the troops into two routes. The members took a charter flight to Yanji, and the club officials and team staff took a flight at 6.55am from Shanghai to Yanji. The flight stopped in Dalian. The flight time is nearly 5 hours. The match between Shenhua and Yanbian Fude was scheduled for the afternoon of the 24th, so the night after the match, the team flew a charter flight from Yanji to Shanghai.

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