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New policy squeezes Evergrande internationals

On June 17, in the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande played against Guizhou Zhicheng in the starting lineup. Who is not a national player among non-U23 domestic players? Under the new policy, more Evergrande internationals may not even be able to enter the list of 18.

The 21-year-old Chen Zepeng has made 3 appearances in the league this season, playing 7.5 minutes, 85 minutes and 42 minutes respectively.

Last week, the Chinese Football Association announced the signing of the invitation and the implementation rules of the U23 New Deal (draft for comments). It seems that the new policy is imperative.

1. During the second transfer of the 2017 season, all club referrals that lost money in the 2016 season must also pay the same amount of adjustment fees.

2. For all Super League and Chinese League clubs in the 2018 season, each team must register at least 4 U 23 players, and each team must have at least 3 U 23 players on the roster and start at least 1 U 23 player. 23 The cumulative number of players on the court must not be less than the cumulative number of players on the foreign aid team.

Regardless of whether it is the U 23 New Deal or the introduction of new rules, the most affected are the Super League clubs who are pursuing achievements. From an economic perspective, it may be Guangzhou Evergrande that these two new rules affect Evergrande. The first-team squad is pinching.

Evergrande Club has been listed on the market. According to the 2016 financial report released in April this year, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club suffered a loss of 812 million last year. Therefore, Evergrande has to pay double for all recruitments this summer. Judging from the statement of the Football Association in the notice, this policy is only for summer recruitment this year, and it is still unknown next year. Is it necessary for Evergrande to recruit this summer?

necessary. Because the U 23 players of Evergrande next season are probably not enough, of course, the sooner the introduction of some U 23 players in line with next year's policy, the better.

According to the new rules, the first team can only report 25 domestic players, and the policy of at least 3 U 23 players in the 18-man list. If Evergrande has 3 foreign aids in the 18-man list, it means that Evergrande has only 12 players. U 23 or more local players can enter the 18-man roster per game.

How many international players does Evergrande have? Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linyi, Yu Lin, Yu Hanchao, Huang Bowen, Zeng Cheng, Mei Fang, Li Xuepeng, Zou Zheng, Zheng Long, Liao Lisheng, Wang Shangyuan, Rong Hao, Zhang Wenzhao, Zhang Chenglin, Xu Xin and Liu Dianzuo When playing 18 people, it is absolutely the main force in any other club. But at least six of them can only sit in the stands in a game. Also don't forget to rent center defender Han Pengfei who played the main force in the Guizhou team.

In order to ensure that there are 3 U 23 players in the 18-man list for each game, Evergrande needs to place at least 6 U 23 players in the 25-man registration list, in order to prevent injuries to several age-appropriate players (simultaneous injuries in the short term Disease is very normal). Next season, Wang Jingbin, Chen Zepeng, and Wen Jiabao are still age-appropriate players, but it is difficult to imagine what their team strength will look like when they appear on the court at the same time. Even if only two people play at the same time, the team's strength will be greatly reduced. Considering the limited potential of the internal echelon, Evergrande needs to introduce young players in the transfer market.

Whether it is the international player who can not play in the game or the U 23 age-appropriate player who is desperately needed, Hengda has to deal with it. The extra international players are either kept or sold on the transfer market at low prices. At the beginning of the season, Xu Jiayin asked the club to set up a player exchange center in order to sell some players, but after the new policy was promulgated, it is generally expected that the value of domestic senior players will plummet. For outstanding young players of appropriate age, Evergrande is definitely expensive to introduce. After all, clubs will hold resources tightly to raise the value of young players.

If Evergrande wants to introduce young players this summer, it will have to pay double the price, and the price will be even higher.

In fact, everyone is more concerned about whether Evergrande will sell several international players that are difficult to enter the list at a low price, which is also a phenomenon that cannot be seen in the past few years.

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